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 Sea Sand and Birds

After spending years photographing wildlife and snowy landscapes, followed by being forever on the move getting to Australia’s far flung lighthouses, I was looking for an easy-going project. Brooms Head Beach, which is close to home looked like it met my criteria.

I decided to photograph the sand and where the sea and sand intermingled.  I then added the local birds, preferable when they were flying to provide variety.  Bird wings are wonderful subjects.

As I’m already considered a little odd photographing sand would confirm this.

Then some family friends dropped in for a visit.  On arriving home Jenny asked seven-year-old Ingrid what she thought of Ibbo.  “Ibbo: Well he’s funny but a little bit crazy”.  That gave me the impetus to proceed.

I divided the location into four shooting zones: Brooms Head Beach north of the Cakora Lagoon I called Dogs Beach, because my doggy assistants Tessie and Bella were welcome there.  The southern part of the beach and Cakora Rocks were called the People’s Beach.  The third was the headland and the north end of South (Sandon) Beach.  The “studio” in my back yard was the fourth.

The neat thing about Dogs beach was the outlet from Cakora Lagoon, which flows across the beach.  This provided still water on the sand.  It also meant that the beach had a convex surface, which resulted in various three dimensional patterns in the sand.  The black rutile also highlighted the sand’s surface, creating different images.


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Lighthouses of Australia

 The Offshore Lights

by John Ibbotson is a superb collection of over 500 photographs and stories about Australia’s offshore (and some harbour) lighthouses, their spectacular locations and the people who maintain them. Combined with concise, informative captions, 14 detailed maps, information about modern lighthouse lights and stories about their maintenance, this book provides something for everybody who has an interest in lighthouses both old and new. With its companion book, Lighthouses of Australia - Images from the End of an Era they provide photographs and information for over 450 of Australia’s coastal, highway and major harbour Aids to Navigation and together are the only comprehensive, published record, of these important Australian icons.

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Unfortunately this edition is no longer available

Lighthouses of Australia

 Images from the End of an Era

by John Ibbotson is a book for people who love lighthouses. It contains images of over 220 Australian lights as they were at the end of the twentieth century in 500 brilliant photographs. Combined with concise, informative captions, 12 detailed location maps, a history of lighthouses, a chronological list of over 400 Australian lights and a section on lighthouse museums the book provides something for everybody who has an interest in lighthouses or the sea.

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Unfortunately this edition is no longer available

Lighthouses of Australia

 Location Map

A full colour map (or chart) that shows the location of 'all' 400 lighthouses in Australia. It includes a numbered list and an alphabetical list of all the lighthouses.

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By John Ibbotson

 Planning Ahead For Future Generations

Planning Ahead For Future Generations is a "readable" book that sets out to:

  • Describe what the greenhouse effect is, and how it works.
  • Show that anthropogenic (man-made) green house gases, mainly CO2, are NOT the major cause of any changes that are occurring to the world's climate.
  • Show that the IPCC and Kyoto provide misleading information, do not really succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and whose underlying agenda is to gain power and make money.
  • Show, using Victoria as an example that giving up on fossil fuels, without having an alternative fully operational, will lead to a significant deterioration in Victorian's standard of living.
  • Describe what we need to do, to build a safe and productive environment, not only for our children, but for all people who call earth "home".

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