By John Ibbotson

Planning Ahead For Future Generations

ISBN 978-0-9581214-3-9 New 7/2007

Planning Ahead For Future Generations Cover Lately the Earth's climate has been pleasantly benign but it now appears to be changing for the worse (?) and we, The People, have being fingered as the culprits. We have been using excessive amounts of fossil fuels and we have soot on our hands. This has resulted in an irrational rush to do anything that sounds like it will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced that are going into the atmosphere. Some of the things are achievable, some are not, and some will actually do more harm than good. Most are not necessary. The severity of our "crime" though, and what we should do about it, is anything but clear. Depending who is preaching from the pulpit it goes from: "There will be ups and downs around the world but The People will be able to handle them" (which is what I believe) to; "The world is about to end and you will be fried, frozen, flooded or famished unless you start living like our forefathers and doing what we say". I believe Planning Ahead for Future Generations By Highlighting Climate Change Myths will give the reader something to think about so that they will be able to question the rationality of the plans that are currently in vogue. It is a case where being a little sceptical, is prudent. By doing this and rejecting the irrational plans being thrust upon The People, we will avoid the real catastrophe, which is to stop using economical fossil fuels before there is a real replacement in place. By continuing to use them, we will be well equipped to prosper in whatever climate comes our way, and in the process leave a better world for future generations.


Planning Ahead For Future Generations is a "readable" book that sets out to:

  • Describe what the greenhouse effect is, and how it works.
  • Show that anthropogenic (man-made) green house gases, mainly CO2, are NOT the major cause of any changes that are occurring to the world's climate.
  • Show that the IPCC and Kyoto provide misleading information, do not really succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and whose underlying agenda is to gain power and make money.
  • Show, using Victoria as an example that giving up on fossil fuels, without having an alternative fully operational, will lead to a significant deterioration in Victorian's standard of living.
  • Describe what we need to do, to build a safe and productive environment, not only for our children, but for all people who call earth "home".


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