Lighthouses of Australia

Images from the End of an Era

Lighthouses of Australia, Images from the End of an Era By John Ibbotson is a 12" x 10.5" (305 x 267mm) 288 page coffee table book that contains a wealth of information and stunning photographs of Australia's Lighthouses.
It will effectively become 'The' Reference book on lighthouses in Australia. It contains:

  • 500 colour photographs of over 220 different lighthouses from around Australia with concise, informative captions for each of the lights such as...

Mersey Bluff
Devonport Tasmania

Ref: 3550 Built: 1889 Elev: 37 Tower: 16 Range: 32W 26R

This white round brick tower with red vertical stripes (added in 1929) make it one of the most easily recognised lights in Australia. The Hornby light in Sydney is the only other light with vertical stripes. Built of bricks on a stone base it has a Chance Brothers 700mm dioptric lens. It replaced a number of earlier navigation beacons, obelisks and the Don River light that had been used to guide ships into the Mersey River. It was converted to electric operation in 1920 and demanned. The keepers' cottages were let to local tenants until 1966 when they were demolished. It is easily accessible by road from Devonport.

  • 12 detailed maps (NSW, Vic, Tas, SA, WA, NT, N- Qld, S-Qld and 4 of Australia) showing the location and status of Australia's lighthouses as well as Lighthouse 'Museums' and DGPS stations
  • A brief history of lighthouses throughout the world
  • An overall history of Australian lighthouses, lighthouse tenders and lightships
  • A section on 'Lighthouse Museums' listing over 70 places where lighthouse artefacts can be seen or where there is organised access to operational lighthouses or access to non-operational lights
  • A chronological list of more than 400 lights. This includes the date they were first built and when they were, if applicable rebuilt.
  • A glossary of lighthouse terms

From the Foreword by Clive Davidson – Chief Executive Officer of AMSA

"This is an invaluable collection of 500 beautiful photographs of lighthouses. It is a thoughtful and carefully compiled reference book that allows the enthusiast or casual reader alike to glean a wealth of information about Australia's lighthouses."


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